Take Heart

Chester Basin Hat & Mittens

Please note that due to the way the Alpaca Tweed yarn is produced, in small batches by The Border Mill, weights of the skeins and yardage do vary.

Lunenburg Harbour Socks


Round 1: K10 (12), [sl1, k2] 5 times, k8 (10), k to end.


The round numbering is out of sync after Round 16 and currently reads from Round 11-39. All pattern text is correct but the rounds should be numbered from Round 17-49.


Give the cuff a stretch and you’ll see yarn B still threaded around the sock. With working needle and working end of yarn B, pick up and k64 (72) sts anti-clockwise by knitting into the yarn B in-between where you sewed the picot edging down.
Using the backwards loop method, cast 4 sts onto LH needle.

Caswell Bay hat


Round 4: P16, k1 tbl, k2, k1 tbl, p1 p3, k1 tbl, k2, k1 tbl, p26, [k1 tbl, p1] 8 (11) times, p9.