• Contact: northamerica@pompommag.com
  • Images for web/social media:  Can be found via the link at the bottom of the main wholesale page or HERE
  • Downloadable PDFs are available by redeeming the download code on the inside cover of each magazine or book. Each code may be used only once through Ravelry. 
  • Pattern and story ideas can be submitted by following the instructions on our calls for submissions
  • Errata we know about is listed on our errata page. Please email contact@pompommag.com if you find anything new that we can help with. 
  • Sponsorship of events is sometimes possible. Please email northamerica@pompommag.com with information about your event if you would like us to donate a prize! 
  • Username/Password Your username is your email address. Your password can be reset by clicking “Forgot your password?” on the wholesale login page. Please be sure to use this on the pompomusa.com website and not our UK website. 

Ordering & Selling Pom Pom Titles

  • Orders are now placed online in our new wholesale online shop. We hope you’ll find this system easier but please let us know if we can help you get started.
  • Our minimum order to qualify for wholesale rates is 3 copies per item. 
  • Payment Methods All payments must be processed through our website. We cannot accept payment by paper cheque or take payment over the telephone. 
  • Pre-Orders may be offered in your shop when we open pre-orders to the public in our online shop. Specific dates will be shared in wholesale newsletters as new titles come out. 
  • LYS On-Sale Day For every title we release, we have an international LYS On Sale Day. This ensures every LYS has the same opportunity for sales. Books and magazines may not be displayed or sold before that date. For all magazines and books we release, the dates will be shared in our wholesale newsletters. All titles shipped before LYS On Sale Day will arrive with a sticker attached that clearly states the display date. Any shop that sells the magazines earlier will be asked to stop. 
  • Recommended Retail Prices for all our titles are in our wholesale guide. The guide can be viewed on the main page of this website or HERE
  • Address updates can now be made in your account page. Please email northamerica@pompommag.com to confirm if you are concerned it hasn’t worked properly. 
  • To update an address when your payment method has already been charged for a shipment, please update your address online AND notify us of the change by email, as the system cannot update pre-existing orders. If we have already shipped an order to your previous address and the order is returned to us, we are charged for the return shipping as well as the original shipping price and the cost of sending the replacement package. Replacement packages are therefore subject to additional shipping fees.
  • Shipment confirmations & tracking numbers are emailed to you when your order is collected by our carriers. You will also receive a delivery confirmation email when tracking shows the item is delivered. 

Standing Orders

  • Standing Orders are when we charge you automatically each quarter for a quantity (specified by you) of our magazine, Pom Pom Quarterly. On our new website, standing orders will be billed and shipped automatically with no further action required by you. Books are not included in the standing order and any new book we release must be ordered separately on our website.
  • Minimum standing order: 3 copies of Pom Pom Quarterly. 
  • Increase or decrease the number of magazines by adjusting your standing order quantity in your account at any time before your payment method is charged for that quarter. If you wish to make a change after your card has been charged, you'll need to email us to update your order. 
  • Add books to your standing order shipment by emailing us. At this time, it is not possible to add items to the standing order after the first charge to your payment method. If you would like to add items to your quarterly shipment, you may place a separate order and email us to request a shipping adjustment. 
  • Update your shipping address by updating your account information any time before your payment method is charged. If your card has already been charged, you must email us to confirm the address change as the system will not adjust pre-existing orders. If we have already shipped an order to your previous address, the least expensive solution is to collect it there. We are billed for the return shipping on packages returned to us and will unavoidably need to charge additional postage fees on any replacement packages supplied. 
  • Cancellations can be made at any time before your card is charged by going into your standing order settings and selecting "cancel". 
  • LYS On-Sale Day Each issue of Pom Pom Quarterly has an international On-Sale Day for all local yarn stores. No vendor may display or distribute Pom Pom Quarterly before that date. Specific dates will be shared in your wholesale newsletters and will be printed on a sticker attached to your shipment. If we learn someone is selling the magazine in advance of the sale date, we will ask them to stop. 
  • Delivery timelines are provided each quarter in our wholesale newsletters. Your order will be shipped to arrive just in time for LYS On-Sale Day. Our magazines are freighted from London, UK to Austin, TX and we sometimes combat delays at customs beyond our control but we always ship your orders with love and as soon as we possibly can.
  • Shipment confirmation with tracking info will be emailed automatically when your package is collected by the carrier. Out for delivery notices and a delivery confirmation are also emailed. Please email us as soon as possible if your you do not receive your order as expected according to the tracking. 
  • If your order has not arrived for LYS Day, please first confirm in your online account that your payment method is up to date. If your payment has processed correctly, please email northamerica@pompommag.com so we can investigate. 
  • Wholesale newsletters contain essential information about your standing order and all Pom Pom releases. If you would like to add an address to the list, please email northamerica@pompommag.com or sign up in the newsletter signup box in the bottom left corner of the homepage. 

Trunk Shows

  • A trunk show is when we lend samples from one of our magazines or books so that your customers can see them, try them on and hopefully get excited to buy the publication from you! Trunk shows are especially great if the author is coming to your shop to teach! 
  • There is no fee for the trunk show but you need to take responsibility for the cost of sending the samples on to their next destination in good time. In the very very unlikely event that a sample goes missing or is destroyed while it is in your care, we will ask you to pay a replacement fee so that the designer does not lose their work.
  • Sign up for a trunk show by emailing northamerica@pompommag.com to register your interest and we’ll let you know when there is space in the calendar.